Vanguard Abeo Pro 283AGH Aluminum Tripod with GH-300T Grip Head

Likes Dislikes
Boom feature Leg unlock mechanism
Panning capability Leg extension locking clamp loosen
Neck hook to add counter weight Need to loosen mounting plate with tool or coin
Variety of feet included(spike, rubber, and sand/snow)  
Weighty (Great for added stability in wind) Weighty (not suited for travel/hiking)


This is one of my favorite tools when shooting portraits. A tripod is one of the most under utilized tools that a photographer uses during their photo shoots. It often is bulky and an extra step to setup but the flexibility in the shot you can get is worth the extra time. They are also necessary when shooting time lapse photgraphy or long exposure photography.



The Vanguard Abeo Pro 283AGH is a great pair of legs. It allows for the center column to come all the way up so you can angle it out like a boom. Lift the orange tabed lIMG_4472 ever and you can move the extension up for over head shots or down for close ground work. Note that there are preset points to angle the neck when extended and does not have a fine tune adjustment. You can adjust your legs further to get the correct angle as needed. Along with the boom capability it is also important to not that the center column has a weight hook at the bottom. When extending out the column add weight to counter the droop caused by the camera and lens. See pic to right.

The center column allows for panning. Flip the silver lever on the side of center column and you are able to move the neck 360 degrees freely and smoothly. The friction of the seals and the pressure put on the column from the silver lever provide the smooth resistance while panning. There is not fluid dampner included.


IMG_4476 The legs themselves can be adjust from 25, 50 to 80 degrees by pressing in the silver plastic button on the side of each leg. To close down the tripod pickup the legs and press inward. There is no locking mechanism to keep the legs from moving back to center. One issue I found with the silver button is that you need to apply an extra amount of force to lift up the locking mechanism in order to move the leg further out. It is easier to lift the leg and slightly push it towards center then push the button and move the leg further out.